Introducing Games in Norway

17:00-18:00(GMT+2), October 29th, Zoom

Welcome to the Norwegian Games Industry

Konsoll Connect is organizing a digital investor meeting on October 29th, to offer Norwegian and International investors and publishers a unique overview of Norwegian video games. We are inviting investors and publishers, who want to learn more about the Norwegian games industry.

This hour-long session offers international investors and publishers exclusive access to the current 2020 Norwegian industry figures and an investment overview of the industry. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to learn about the game development scene in Norway, both from the past 5 years, and also from games currently in production.

Noneda's goal with this event is to increase awareness of the video game industry in Norway, providing in-depth knowledge which, in turn, can potentially accelerate investments in the Norwegian industry. This is a free event, made possible with contributions from our partners at the Norwegian Film Institute, Virke Norwegian Producers Association, and Viken Film Centre.

Konsoll Connect
Our Introduction to the Norwegian Game Scene is a part of a series of events under the umbrella of Konsoll Connect, the business development part of the game developer conference Konsoll. Run by Noneda, Konsoll takes place in Bergen each fall. This year marks our 10-year anniversary.

We are excited to announce that Konsoll will be in person this year! Come and join us in Bergen for Konsoll Connect on November 15th and our main conference Konsoll on November 16th and 17th. We’ll be hosting talks by games experts from around the globe and offering valuable opportunities to meet and network with the speakers and other developers in attendance.


Join us to learn more about the Norwegian game industry!

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