Pitching Workshop

10:00–17:00, September 7th–8th, 2021, digital event

Focused on helping game developers based in Norway network and grow, our Konsoll Connect Pitching Workshop will be a two-day event consisting of lectures packed full of essential advice, pitching practice, and networking.

Welcome to Our Lectures and Workshops!

The pitching workshop will be a closed event for established game developers based in Norway, taking place digitally on Tuesday and Wednesday the 7th and 8th of September, from 10:00–17:00.

Participants in this event will come away better equipped, and more confident in pitching to, and negotiating with investors and publishers. Talks offer key insights from experts to help you better understand and communicate with investors and publishers. After these sessions, you will have a chance to practice your pitch in front of our expert panel and receive expert personal feedback to elevate your pitch and move forward with your game.

Lecture and workshop schedule ▶︎

Who Can Attend?

To offer the best experience to our attendees, there will be a maximum of 10 established companies in attendance to ensure personalized and productive sessions. If more than 10 companies apply to participate, the expert panel will go through the applicants and choose the participating companies.

To participate, you must have either a basic prototype, a non-interactive video presentation, or extensive concept art and views of environmental cuts from your game. In other words, your game has to be at least at least in the mid-stage of development. Previously released games are also accepted.

This event is completely free to all participants from all over Norway.

Please note:

  • The event will be fully digital. We ask that all participants have a camera and microphone they can use for their pitches.
  • Sign Up

    Sign-up for the pitching workshop has been closed. We are looking forward to seeing you at our other Konsoll Connect events and Konsoll conference.

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