Konsoll is a Norwegian game development conference founded by the Western chapter of The Game Developers Guild in 2012. Since then we have had a steadily growing audience of game developers from both Norway and abroad.

Our goal is to offer game developers inspiration and wisdom from industry veterans, create a forum to communicate and network with peers, and above all to have fun sharing and playing each other’s games.

We offer two days of presentations, panels, workshops and discussions on a broad range of topics. Konsoll also aims to involve the student community in Norway by hosting a pre-Konsoll student day before the conference.


  • Dates:October 4th - 6th 2017
  • Location:Bergen, Norway
  • Venue:Grieghallen, Per Gynt salen
  • Press


  • Sylvia Keala Duerr Conference Director
  • Katriina Pentillä Marketing Manager
  • Endre Baklund Speaker Coordinator
  • Aslak Helgesen Art and Design Coordinator
  • Trude Kraft Volunteer Coordinator
  • Are Edvardsen Expo Coordinator
  • Robin Garen Aarberg Technical Coordinator
  • Yngvill Hopen Game Master
  • Marius Sørli Finnstun Camera Production Leader
  • Mona Yndestad Hansen Student Day Coordinator
  • AnnleisFilm AnnleisFilm
  • Karl Petter Hassel Logistics Coordinator
  • Tom Andrè Kristiansen Stream Chief Operator
  • Martin L. Håndlykken Lead Video Photographer
  • Vegard S. Ellingsen Sound Technician
  • Karl Petter Tech Tech Assistant


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Crowd, 2014 (Pål Hamre)
Workshop, 2014 (Pål Hamre)
Crowd, 2014 (Pål Hamre)
Sign in, 2014 (Pål Hamre)
Charity auction bidding, 2014 (Pål Hamre)
Charity auction party, 2014 (Pål Hamre)
Lee Petty on Stage, 2015 (Maiken Larsen)
Krillbite on stage 2015 (Maiken Larsen)
Crowd, 2015 (Maiken Larsen)
Jory Prum leading workshop, 2015 (Maiken Larsen)
Workshop, 2015 (Maiken Larsen)
Sound Design Workshop, 2015 (Maiken Larsen)
Double Fine discussion, 2016 (Jørn Lavoll)
"Getting your game released", 2016 (Jørn Lavoll)
Q&A, 2016 (Jørn Lavoll)
Martin Kvale audio workshop, 2016 (Jørn Lavoll)

The Game Developers Guild West

The Game Developers Guild West is a volunteer organization made up of passionate game developers ranging from professionals and amateurs to hobbyists from the western region in Norway.

Our goal is to promote game development in the region and Norway, and we do that with monthly meetups to socialize and learn from each other, Game Jams to help get the creative juices flowing, and conferences to learn from developers - inside and outside of Norway, ranging from indie to AAA developers.