Norwegian Game Dev Con Attracts Indie Stars

Konsoll, a small Norwegian game development conference, will be hosted by the Game Developers Guild Norway in the city of Bergen on the 5th and 6th of October this year.

Clocking in at an average of 300 attendees, Konsoll is now in its 6th consecutive year and has managed to build a solid roster of mostly indie developers for its 2017 conference.

“We were extremely happy to get Ken Wong [former UsTwo lead designer on Monument Valley] back in 2013 and then Lee Petty from Double Fine in 2014. Since then it seems like word started to spread,” said Steffen Øie, one of the conference’s two directors.

“This year we started hearing from game devs who wanted to come to Norway even before we started reaching out,” added Sylvia Keala Duerr, Konsoll’s second director. “Norway has a young, vibrant game dev scene that seems to resonate with a lot of the established international devs. Also, the country is crazy beautiful, which helps.”

Some of the speakers at this year’s Konsoll are:

  • Jo-Remi Madsen, CEO, D-Pad Studio (Owlboy);
  • Jane Ng, Lead Artist, Campo Santo (Firewatch);
  • Jake Elliott, Game Designer and founder, Cardboard Computer (Kentucky Route Zero);
  • Molly Maloney, Narrative Designer, TellTale Games (The Walking Dead, Minecraft: Story mode);
  • Martin Fasterholdt, Game Designer, Playdead (Inside)
  • Lee Petty, Art Director, Double Fine Productions (Brutal Legend, Psychonauts, Broken Age).