In 2016 Konsoll took place at Ole Bull Huset from the 20th to 21st of October. Speakers include Lee Petty, Emmy Jonassen, Luke Dicken, Linn Søvig and Greg Rice, Mike Lewis, Martin Mathiesen Kvale, Dan Cox, Claire Blackshaw, Anna Kipnis, Mike Jungbluth, Matt Conn, Richard Vreeland (Disasterpeace) and Peter Curry, James Portnow, and Tim Schafer.

A special thank you goes to AnnleisFilm for filming and editing the talks.

Linn Søvig - Welcome

Lee Petty & Tim Schafer

Disasterpeace & Peter Curry - Mini Metro : The Underpinnings of a Musical Subway System

Nordisk Film Games

Mike Lewis - Why Games Are Positioned to Revolutionize Programming Languages

Greg Rice & Linn Søvig - Getting your game released

Dan Cox - From 0-60: Supercharging your Juniors

Claire Blackshaw - Punching Above Your Weight

Anette Staløy - #GAMESGOGLOBAL

Luke Dicken - From 0 to 300x: Lessons Learned From a Small Team Turnaround

Emmy Jonassen - Looking Beyond Gamers for Your Steam Release

Anna Kipnis - Dialog Systems in Double Fine Games

Eric Holten Haugen - Spill-Konnektiv

Mike Jungbluth - Anatomy of a hit reaction

Matt Conn - Pragmatic & Subversive vs Full Immersion : Implementations of Marginalized Voices in Interactive Media

Tim Schafer & James Portnow - Approaching storytelling in games without fear

The End