October 5th & 6th

Bergen, Norway - Grieghallen


Konsoll is a conference designed to offer game developers inspiration and wisdom from industry veterans, to have a forum to communicate and network with peers, and above all to have fun learning about each others' games.

"Never have I spoken at a conference more dedicated to the development and success of the independent game developer community than Konsoll."

Emmy Jonassen
Recurrent Speaker

"The lineup of speakers was excellent and I learned new things in every talk that I attended."

Ernest Adams
Speaker, 2013

"Konsoll is the highlight of my conference calendar - a special blend of intimate conversations, high quality content and awesome festival!"

Luke Dicken
Game AI specialist & chair of the IGDS foundation

Latest News

Program and Workshop signup

Konsoll is proud to announce its 2017 Konsoll program and workshop signup. We have so many accomplished speakers and we can’t ...

Speaker: Tim Garbos (Triband)

Konsoll is pleased to welcome for the first time Tim Garbos to our conference! Tim is a designer exploring slightly ...

Speaker: Ryan Duffin (DICE LA)

We are so very proud to welcome Ryan Duffin (DICE LA) to Konsoll this year! Ryan landed a career in 3...

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