What's Konsoll?

Konsoll is a two day event held annually in Bergen, Norway, that consists of presentations, panels, workshops, and networking. The conference also serves as a forum to strengthen the ties between Norwegian game developers, bring leading industry talent to Bergen to share their knowledge, while allowing the Norwegian studios to connect with the broader international industry.

Who's organizing the events?

Konsoll is a part of Noneda, a collaborative organization for Norwegian computer game companies.

Established in 2020 under the then name "Dataspillsenteret", Noneda is a democratic member association that works for growth and development in all parts of the Norwegian computer game industry.

Konsoll has been originally organized in 2012 by The Game Developers Guild in Norway. For members of our core team, visit About Us page.

Sponsor Packages

Konsoll is looking for sponsors to help us bring Norwegian game developers one-of-a-kind expertise and strong network. If you're interested, please look into the PDF document blow for the best sponsor package for you.

Download Konsoll Prospectus and Sponsorship (PDF) ▶︎