In 2018 Konsoll took place at Grand Hotel Terminus from the 1st to 2nd of November. Speakers include Anette Ståløy, Raph Koster, Oliver Franzke, Molly Maloney, Erik Stirpe, Gary Napper, Oskar Stålberg, Mario Valle, Teodor Bjerrang, Dan Thronström, Ella Romanos, Dave Sharp, Brie Code, Jake Clark, Gwen Frey, Charlene Putney, Johnnemann Nordhagen, Felicia Prehn, Barrie Ellis, Ali Cedroni, Leanne Bayley, Alex Trowers, and Even Mehl Amundsen.

A special thank you goes to Håndlykken Media for filming, and AnnleisFilm for editing the talks.

Raph Koster - Ten Lessons Learned

Oliver Franzke - The revolutionary technology behind Monkey Island and Grim Fandango

Molly Maloney & Eric Stirpe - Writing & Narrative Design: A Relationship

Gary Napper - Game design for VR: Breaking Rules

Oskar Stålberg - Developing The Bad North Look

Mario Valle, Teodor Bjerrang, Dan Thronström, Ella Romanos & Dave Sharp - Money Talks

Brie Code - Friends Forever

Jake Clark - Cuphead - Creating Djimmi the Great

Gwen Frey - 3 Steps for Founding a Successful Indie Studio

Charlene Putney - Delightful Dilemmas: Writing For Choice-Based Narratives

Johnnemann Nordhagen - Decision Points: The Process of Creating an Experimental Commercial Indie Game

Felicia Prehn & Barrie Ellis - Accessibility Panel