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In 2019 Konsoll took place at Grieghallen from the 17th to 18th of October. Speakers include Yngvill Hopen, Angie Smets, Dan Thronström, Andrew Parsons, Stephen Hey, Ron Ashtiani, Satish Shewhorak, Claire Blackshaw, Molly Maloney, Erik Stirpe, Ryan Duffin, Emil Pagliarulo, Scott Warner, Jayvian Hong, Åsa Roos, Mike Anderson, Rex Crowle, Lee Petty, Andreas Suika, Tim Laning, Felicia Prehn, Jen Simpkins, Jaclyn Wilkins, Anette Ståløy, Marianne Lerdahl, and Ole Andreas Haley.

A special thank you goes to BSTV for filming, and AnnleisFilm for editing the talks.