In 2017 Konsoll took place at Grieghallen from the 5th to 6th of October. Speakers include Jo-Remi Madsen, Jane Ng, Joel Bylos, Claire Blackshaw, Jake Elliot, Ryan Duffin, Molly Maloney, Gordon Walton, Martin Mathiesen Kvale, Tim Garbos, Colm Larkin, Martin Fasterholdt, Lee Petty, and Justin Bailey.

A special thank you goes to AnnleisFilm for filming and editing the talks.

Jo-Remi Madsen - 10 Years of Losing Hope

Jane Ng - Making Firewatch: Decisions along the way

Joel Bylos - The Eye of the Sandstorm

Claire Blackshaw - Critical Path Coding

Jake Elliot - Playful text

Ryan Duffin - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Using the resources at your disposal to work smarter and not just harder

Molly Maloney - Out on a Limb: Practical Approaches to Branching Story

Gordon Walton - Adapting to the Challenges of and ever-changing gaming landscape

Martin Mathiesen Kvale & Tim Garbos - Expecting the Unexpected

Colm Larkin - Share your Games

Martin Fasterholdt - Subtleties of Inside

Justin Bailey, Gordon Walton, Jane Ng & Ryan Duffin - State of the Industry