In 2020 Konsoll took place online from the 19th to 25th of October. Speakers include Max Pears, Felicia Prehn, Stuart Sumida, Lucy Kyriakidou, Dan Thronström, Victoria Tran, Lee Petty, Molly Maloney, and Eric Stirpe.

A special thank you goes to AnnleisFilm for editing the talks and Tom Andre Kristiansen for music.

Konsoll 2020 - Max Pears - Crafting Level Design for Combat

Konsoll 2020 - Felicia Prehn - What the Music Industry Can Learn From the Game Industry

Konsoll 2020 - Stuart Sumida - The Five Most Important Anatomical Rules for Animators

Konsoll 2020 - Lucy Kyriakidou - Tips on Character Design

Konsoll 2020 - Dan Thronström - How to Make a Good Games Pitch

Konsoll 2020 - Victoria Tran - Designing Game Communities for Kindness

Konsoll 2020 - Lee Petty: Inviting Happy Accidents Into Your Conceptual Art Process

Konsoll 2020 - Molly Maloney & Eric Stirpe - Uncovering Your Story: How to identify narrative opportunities in your game