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Workshop 22nd November, 13:00-15:00 (Bekken)

Molly Maloney and Eric Stirpe

Leveling Up Your Narrative: How Unique Stories Can Fuel Unique Design

Usually in our industry, gameplay leads and story follows. But what if we flipped the formula? By considering our stories earlier, could we unlock more unique gameplay ideas? In this workshop we’ll look at the relationship between game genre and narrative, and investigate the use of character and setting as sources of inspiration for gameplay.

Workshop 23rd November, 13:00-15:00 (Bekken)

Esther Ko

Animation Plan-imations: Intentional approaches to animation direction and how to use them strategically in your own games

Animation is a craft that greatly influences how players experience a game, and it is also a discipline that sits at a beautiful intersection of design, tech, and art. As a result, animation style choices can have uplifting, holistic impacts on the presentation and feel of a game, as well as empower the development team during the actual production process.

This workshop will break down that premise into precise definitions, helpful strategies for designing your animation direction in different contexts, in addition to ways of actually applying those strategies for the betterment of your teammates and the game as well.

Workshop 22nd November, 15:30-17:30 (Bekken)

NFI, Kulturrådet, SkatteFUNN

Grants and Applications 

NFI (Norwegian Film Institute), Kulturrådet (Arts Council Norway), and SkatteFUNN will be presenting their grants, and offering related information and advice. This is a great opportunity to learn more about what applications are available, application processes, and what is important when applying for national funding.

Workshop 23rd November, 15:30-16:30 (Bekken)

Theo Nogueira, Sara Skarpaas, Herman Foss and Fredrik Drønen

The Dark Side of the Music

Sasha Martin, your playable character, is a music supervisor struggling to license music for the game they are living on. They also must find the composer and make sure everyone gets paid the royalties they are owed, as well as making the right deals with Publishers, Writers and everyone involved in the Music copyrights business. This is the Dark Side of Music and you’re invited to participate and learn how deals between composers/songwriters and studios look like, who gets involved and how to achieve a mutual agreement that makes everyone happy. This includes music composed/written for a soundtrack, as well as existing music synched/licensed to be used on games and marketing for games.

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