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Program 2020

Schedule 2020The Konsoll 2020 online edition full program is here! While Konsoll won’t be happening in-person this year due to Covid-19, we still wanted to bring some of the Konsoll magic to you in a free and accessible way through social media!

Between the 19th and the 25th of October, we’ll be releasing the following daily videos and workshops, brought to you by both new speakers and Konsoll veterans.**Monday the 19th**Max Pears (Level Designer, CD Projekt Red) – Crafting Level Design for Combat**Tuesday the 20th**Felicia Prehn (Producer, Nopia Oy Ltd.) – What the Music Industry Can Learn From the Game Industry.**Wednesday the 21st**Stuart Sumida (Professor, California State University San Bernardino) – The Five Most Important Anatomical Rules for Animators**Thursday the 22nd**Lucy Kyriakidou (Artist, freelance) – Tips on Character Design**Friday the 23rd**Dan Thronström (Executive Producer, Amplifier Game Invest) – How to make a good games pitch**Saturday the 24th**Victoria Tran (Communications Director, Kitfox Games) – Designing Game Communities for Kindness.**Saturday the 24th Workshop**Lee Petty (Art Director, Double Fine Productions) – Inviting Happy Accidents Into Your Conceptual Art Process**Sunday the 25th Workshop**Molly Maloney (Lead narrative designer, Bad Robot Games) & Eric Stirpe (Writer, Epic games) – How to Identify Narrative Opportunities in Your Game.

See you next week!