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Speaker: Jo-Remi Madsen (D-Pad Studio)

Konsoll is very excited to announce our first speaker of the year: Jo-Remi Madsen. Jo-Remi is the CEO and General Manager of D-Pad Studio, a six man team based in Askøy. D-Pad studio has a special place in Konsoll’s heart not only because D-Pad is based very near Bergen (where Konsoll is located), but also because Jo-Remi has spoken at our conference twice before and is a beloved Konsoll-family member.Despite only becoming an official company in 2010, D-Pad Studios has been working on their flagship game Owlboy since 2007.The game was finally launched in November 2016 to critically acclaimed reviews. Previously D-Pad had released the game Savant Ascent, which won several awards. Based on these experiences we are looking forward to hearing more at Konsoll.