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Speaker Spotlight: Alex Trowers and Leanne Bayley

Konsoll is very pleased to welcome back our Konsoll veterans Alex Trowers and Leanne Bayley!Alex has been a professional game developer for a long time. A very long time indeed. During this time he has worked with some supremely talented individuals on some incredibly good games (It’s easier to just Google them). He likes nothing more than designing interesting mechanics, talking at length about Dark Souls and feeding his relentless Smash addiction.After a long stint selling other people’s games, Leanne decided to have a crack at making her own instead. As well as designing games, she draws pretty pictures (to go in the games) and bakes delicious cakes (usually based on games). Her strengths include herding developer cats and stopping Alex from completely disappearing up his own ego.Since going independent 5 years ago, the pair of them have made 3 games and 2 children together.Alex and Leanne will be hosting a game design workshop this year, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for registration coming soon!