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Speaker Spotlight: Anna Brandberg (The Outsiders)

Konsoll is excited to welcome our next speaker, Anna Brandberg!

Anna Brandberg is the Lead UX Designer at Funcom’s Stockholm studio, The Outsiders, currently working on their award-winning debut title, Metal: Hellsinger. With a 12-year career starting in board games, she spent the following years honing her craft on popular franchises like The Sims (EA), Need For Speed (EA), Conan Exiles (Funcom), and Candy Crush Saga (King). She’s an accomplished and enthusiastic Figma enthusiast whose professional expertise spans from free-to-play mobile, all the way to headbanging console rhythm games — and whose free-time holy trinity consists of ballet, death metal and League of Legends. She’s been selected as an IGDA Next Gen Leader, listed on MCV Pacific’s Top 50 Women in Games, and has been invited to speak at various universities and conferences worldwide. Anna is passionate about diversity and accessibility, and continues to be a vocal advocate within the games industry and beyond.