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Speaker Spotlight: Claire Blackshaw (Media Molecule)

Please join us in welcoming back the wonderful Claire Blackshaw!

Claire is a queer geeky Creative Programmer with a passion for learning and general insanity from London UK. She works at Media Molecule as part of Sony. Claire also serves as director and creative at Flammable Penguins Publishing making comics and telling stories. When not programming, playing games, roleplaying, learning, or reading.She started in the industry as a programmer, moved into design then bounced back between the two. Spending her days consulting various Playstation projects on online design and technical points. She has shipped several titles across eight platforms. Claire has also worked on R&D projects, pitches, consulting and developing a reputation as that crazy “left field” chick who codes.We’re excited to hear her programming talk, and are looking forward to hearing more about her experiences at Media Molecule!