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Speaker Spotlight: Gwen Frey

Konsoll is thrilled to introduce you to our next speaker, Gwen Frey from The Molasses Flood. Gwen is an animator and game developer with over a decade of experience. Most recently she co-founded indie studio The Molasses Flood where she is the CFO. She was one of six developers and the sole animator on their debut game “The Flame in The Flood.” Previously, Gwen worked as a senior technical animator on BioShock Infinite, the BioShock Infinite DLCs, and Marvel Heroes Online. She is passionate about both making games and sharing the development process with others. She regularly live streams indie game development on Twitch ((link: text: @direGoldfish)) and co-hosts game development podcast “The Dialog Box.”With such passion and expertise, we can’t wait to hear her talk in November!