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Speaker Spotlight: Hans-Andreas Kleven & Andreas Brunvoll

We’d like to give a warm welcome to our Konsoll Connect speakers Hans-Andreas Kleven (Pineleaf Studio) and Andreas Brunvoll (Folkeinvest)!

Hans is one of the founders of Pineleaf Studio, having been the Manager of the company and its projects. During his time at Pineleaf Studio, Hans-Andreas was responsible for fundraising over 20 million Nok for DwarfHeim through successful investments campaigns, Government funding and Consultancy work. In addition to Pineleaf, Hans is a Project Leader of Trygge Rammer, a Game Start-up accelerator program in Trondheim, Norway, focusing on business development and investments.

Andreas Brunvoll, COO at Folkeinvest, joins us at Konsoll to talk about the possibilities for financing through Folkeinvest and especially for game development companies. Andreas is responsible for the Folkeinvest’s business development and leads the company forward in a scaling phase. Folkeinvest is the leading platform for equity-based crowdfunding in the Nordics. So far in 2021 Folkeinvest has financed 48 companies with more than 230 MNOK.