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Speaker Spotlight: Sara Elmaleh

Konsoll is excited to welcome our next speaker, Sara Elmaleh!

Sarah has over a decade of dedicated experience in interactive performance, best known for characters in both blockbuster AAA titles (Fortnite, Halo Infinite, Gears 5) and critically acclaimed indie games (Afterparty, Pyre, Gone Home.)

Concurrently, she has served as an organizing and educating force in games institutions (USC, NYU) and spaces (such as IndieCade, including as longtime director and co-host of the awards), while nurturing meaningful exchange between game developers and the actor’s union, SAG-AFTRA. She has extended this work into a consultancy, offering developers guidance on the union, casting, and recording process. She interviews and panels regularly on matters of labor advocacy, authentic representation in casting, and other topics related to productive, inclusive, and sustainable collaboration.

Drawing on her years of immersion in the development community and her perspective as a seasoned games actor, Sarah’s latest creative evolution is as a sought-after voice director for indies (The Red Lantern, The Wreck) and AAA (Fortnite, Shadow Warrior 3) alike.