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Virtual Reality Unity Hack at the Bergen Public Library 29.Sept-01.Oct

Konsoll has a close partnership with the Bergen Public Library, and we would like to inform you of their exciting (link: text: Virtual Reality Unity Hack), the week before Konsoll. The Virtual Reality Unity Crossover Hack brings together storytellers, artists and Unity developers to collaborate and build original stories for the Oculus Rift. Filmmakers, playwrights, theatre directors and writers are teamed up with illustrators, photographers, visual artists and a Unity 3D developer. With mentoring and guidance from the course leaders, participants discover the possibilities and challenges of creating VR narratives while creating functioning prototypes in small, cross-disciplinary groups. This hack is an excellent opportunity to get hands-on experience of developing content for a platform that is quickly revolutionising the media landscape. The library has a few tickets remaining for experienced Unity users. There is a special 50% discount for those tickets. Please read more about it (link: text: here).