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Ole Goethe

Human-Engaged Computing (HEC) Researcher

In mid 1990s, Ole worked as a member in the demoscene group named Andromeda. There he was an active pixel artist. The further study which he pursued was in the field of creative coding and digital media that enhanced his passion for computer science- and graphics. He has worked for Darkworks, Factor 5, LucasArts, Storm Studio, EA, Disney, BonFire Labs etc., as an in-game animator, supervisor, cinematic animator, motion designer and as an industrial scientist for academic partners like HyperIsland and Harvard University. Today his primary focus is in on researching Human-Engaged Computing (HEC), a new research area in the field of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) concerning synergized interaction between humans and technologies where the focus is on building systems that support diversity and inclusion, longevity in user engagement and engagement at scale. He am also a serial entrepreneur, investor, author, and a principal for companies that need to go-to-the-market. For example, he was the main designer on the forerunner of Kahoot which went under the name Lecture Quiz with the core team which is still part of Kahoot today.

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