In 2013 Konsoll took place at Litteraturhuset in Bergen from the 3rd to 4th of October. Speakers include Emmy Jonassen, Alex Trowers, Ken Wong, Ole Andreas Jordet, Ernest Adams, Luke Dicken, Dag Scheve, Jory Prum, and Nils Anderssen.

Dr. Ernest W. Adams - The Future of Computer Entertainment to 2050

Emmy Jonassen - Marketing Indie Games on a $0 Budget

Jory Prum - Making a great sounding Unity game using Fabric

Alex Trowers - Making Games Is Easy. Getting Paid Is Hard

Ken Wong - Triple-A, Indie, and why you shouldn't care

Luke Dicken - Dreams of Electric Sheep: Aspirations for the Future of Game AI

Ole Andreas Jordet - Kickstarting Your Production

Dag Scheve - Writing for Games: A Backstory