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Program and Workshop signup

Konsoll is proud to announce its (link: text: 2017 Konsoll program) and (link: text: workshop signup). We have so many accomplished speakers and we can’t wait for you to join us for two exciting days of talks and workshops. Descriptions of the talks will be coming in the next few days.You can find the 2017 Konsoll program (link: text: here!)Along with the program, the workshop registration is also now live. You can sign up for it (link: text: here). Please note that each workshop has limited space. Once a workshop is full you will no longer be able to select it in the registration form. There is no limit to how many workshops you can sign up for. We would also like to remind everyone about the student day talk with Ryan Duffin on the 4th of October. More information can be found (link: text: here!)See you all next week!