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Speaker: Ryan Duffin (DICE LA)

We are so very proud to welcome Ryan Duffin (DICE LA) to Konsoll this year!Ryan landed a career in 3D animation after a youth misspent on cartoons, short stories, video games, pen and paper role-playing games and monster movies. The CGI of “Jurassic Park” and “Terminator 2” were religious experiences that started him on a path towards 3D animation. After all manners of amateur, creative endeavors, he landed his first professional animation gig in 2001. After some years working on Spider-man games, he spent time abroad working on the likes of Battlefield 3, Alan Wake and Killzone 2 until he got caught back in Los Angeles’ gravitational pull and is currently at DICE LA, continuing work on the Battlefield franchise as an Animation Lead.He lives for quality storytelling, responsive gameplay, mechanical things, attention to detail and entertainment products that treat their audience with respect and intelligence.You will be able to see Ryan not only at Konsoll, but also at the Bergen Public Library where he’ll be giving a (link: text: talk during the Konsoll student day).