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Speaker Spotlight: Anguel Roumenov (Voracious Games)

We are very pleased to welcome our next speaker to Konsoll, Anguel Roumenov from Voracious Games!

At 13, young Anguel decided he was going to make games and installed Game Maker 2. A few years later, teen Anguel enrolled in a community college to learn 3d modeling and fell in love with the process of animation. Working on mods and indie games through forum communities, he learned a diverse set of now defunct technologies and finished no games. Indie games at this time were fueled more by force of will than finance, so he decided to complete a bachelor’s degree in Character Animation and get a salary. After a few years of different game studios and dabbling in other animation, some friends scrapped together enough finance and force of will to prototype Potionomics. He hopped aboard and has been creating nice, wholesome animation for Voracious Games ever since.